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We are happy to announce that LENRproof
has been acquired and is now a proud
member of the LENR-Invest family of companies
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  • Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is a new, 3rd type of nuclear reaction (along with fission and fusion) that was originally discovered by scientists Fleischmann & Pons in 1989
  • LENR appears to safely generate low cost energy on demand using non-nuclear fuel and producing no harmful byproducts (CO2, radiation, etc.).
    • According to NASA, LENR has up to 8,000,000 times the energy density of today‚Äôs combustion energy processes, which is greater than Fusion or Fission. LINK
    • LENR operates at lower temperatures than traditional nuclear energy (150-1500C)
    • The LENR process leverages the Weak nuclear force and the process can now be fully explained using the standard Model of Physucs (Appendix A)
  • Modern LENR systems use nickel nano-powders, hydrogen gas and small amounts of the other non-nuclear materials as fuel and may be approaching commercial power generating levels.